Thursday, November 28, 2013

Greatest Hits: 2008 to 2013

2013 - Broken/Crack
a song about Greg and Karen

2013 - The Song Of Songs
high concept gospel

2013 - Money In Asia
a song about my job at a software start-up

2012 - Tuesday Girl
a re-recording of a song from the mid-80's

2011 - A Hard And Demanding Man
a song about my older son

2011 - Millicent
a song about going to Mardi Gras

2010 - Socks and Shoes
a song about my morning routine

2010 - The Knowledge Of Engines And Cars
a song about my dad and my uncle

2008 - Sandy
a sad song w/chorus from late 80's

2008 - The Days Of The Working Week
a song about my job as a software consultant