Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chopping and Slicing

Been working hard chopping loops. I ripped a whole bunch of 70's jazz and funk to my hard drive, pulled the tracks into Pro Tools and chopped them up into (hopefully) usable loops. I'm comfortable with Pro Tools now (which was one of the ancilliary benefits) and in April when I start learning/working with Live I wont be at the mercy of the 13 pitiful sample clips that come with the program.

Not sure if I am going to leave the loops as plain audio and use Live's warping algorithm or if I will slice them and trigger individual beats with midi files using Edison and Fruity Slicer. I sliced a few loops with Edison and it was pretty easy - I'm doing most of the hard work to get the right length and end points for the sample in Pro Tools. I also bought a couple of sample CDs (actually, DVDs, but...). The commercial loops come in wav and rex formats - so if I decided to go with the sliced versions I'll rewire Reason in to Live and use Dr. Rex to trigger the slices.