Monday, February 25, 2013

An Orange Julius on the way to Judy Gap

An Orange Julius on the way to Judy Gap
Dad was chewing gum and driving
Mom was looking at the map
The river was off to our left
The mountain to our right
As we drove that lonesome valley road
In the West Virginia night

My brother was in the back with me
He had a flashlight and a book
And I so dearly wanted to be him
And have him give me that look
But instead I stared out the back of the car
At a West Virginia night
And a sky full of stars

A couple of summers, a couple of winters
We would go a few weeks at a time
Mom always made a happy noise
At the Pocahontas County sign
The snow was deep, and would pile in drifts
That went above my thigh

Dad called it the cabin but Mom called it the farm
I don't know why; all it grew was rock
We had river rock and mountain rock
Every kind you could desire
An apple orchard and a swimming hole
And a tree hung with a tire

Dad took us on a day trip
To see the telescope
Everyone listened to what he said
People laughed at all of his jokes
We had lunch in the break room
There was no Dairy Queen
But it was good to be with Dad
And we got to eat ice cream

I don't really remember just how it went down
Dad got more distant
Mom spent her nights in town
I might have been out playing
I might have been taking a nap
But I'll always remember the Orange Julius
On the way to Judy Gap