Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Color and Class (11/23)

A smart young man from the country
Has to buy himself a suit
If he really wants to make it
In the city

So I bought myself a suit
Found a job and an apartment
Worked up on the 34th floor.
Laney was a trader at the ForEx desk
We dated for a couple of weeks
Till I realized that
She'd share my cabs
And mooch my drugs
But I'd never get to put my gas in her tank
Because my suit
Was made by Joseph A. Bank.


"So, where are you from?"
"I grew up in _____"
"My husband's uncle lives there, Dr. C____?"
"Orthodontist extraordinaire."
"He took us to lunch somewhere, the Dunes Club?"
"Oh yeah, we used to crash their parties
Steal their liquor, and make off with their women.
We'd drive to the end of some dirt road
Get ourselves drunk and howl at the moon."


I live in a land beyond color and class;
In a black Mercedes with bulletproof glass.

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