Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Millicent (5/21)

We drank Hurricanes
In the middle of the street
Dancing to the Nevilles
And the Mardi Gras beat
Dancing in a sea
Of purple, gold and green
Watching the floats
In old New Orleans.

All the lovely beads
Spread across your chest
Let everyone know
That your tits were the best

Oh Millicent
Your breast are quite
Almost heaven sent
Oh Millicent

Twenty years later you're just somebody's wife
Somebody's mom
A nice suburban life

But every now and then
You get out your bag of beads
Pop in the Nevilles
And roll up some weed
You turn up the lights and you open the shades
And dance like you did on Bourbon Street

And Millicent
Your breasts are still quite magnificent.

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